We want you!  There will be some unfamiliar opponents on the 2014 LSU Football Schedule.

LSU will open the season against Wisconsin, the two teams haven't played each other since 1972. LSU has never played against Sam Houston and has only met with New Mexico State once ever.

But, if we could add any team we wanted to the LSU schedule... I have some suggestions. Here are the teams we'd most like to see line up against the Purple and Gold!

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    Trojan fans still think they won the 2004 National Championship.  But last time I checked, the 2004 BCS Coaches Trophy was in Baton Rouge.

    If you played for the Trojans that season, what are you going to tell your grandchildren?  "No son, we didn't win the National Championship game, but all these sports writers thought Matt Leinart was really cute so they voted us the best!"

    I'd like to see Les Miles schedule the Trojans in that last week before the Tigers start their SEC schedule! You know, where they normally put the cupcakes.

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    OK.  It looks like this might actually happen in 2018. LSU is in talks of scheduling "The U" for another exciting season opener at AT&T Field.  The last time the two teams met was in the 2005 Chick-Fil-A Bowl. The boys from Baton Rouge had no problems with a little hurricane, winning 40-3.  Of course, that game was a bit of a revenge game as the last time the two teams played in the regular season, Miami won 44-3 in 1988 in Baton Rouge.  Yikes.

    Miami famously sky-rocketed to the top of college football in 80's.  Fell off steeply in the early 2000's.  And has become relevant again recently.  If they're looking to schedule LSU for a season opener, then they mean business. Could be great for both programs given the new College Football Playoff system.

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    Ohio State

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    When the argument of best coach in college football comes up, it often boils down to Nick Saban and Urban Meyer!

    Ok Urban, you had an undefeated season  your first year at Ohio State.  But you didn't play anybody, and your program was under suspension, so no bowl game. That season doesn't count for anything. Last season you won another 12 games, but lost in the Orange Bowl and just didn't look like a title contender.

    So, how good are the Buckeyes... really?  We don't know. But, I bet you we could find out if "The LSU" played "The Ohio State University."  Then the Tigers can put the Buckeyes in their place, and wipe that smug look off Urban's face in the process.

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    The Dallas Cowboys

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    I remember hearing a football analyst (I forget who it was) say that the worst team in the NFL would mop the floor with the best team in College Football.  I tend to agree.  Still, it seems that every season there is someone who asks the question, "You think Alabama could beat the Cleveland Browns?"  No, dummy.

    But for some reason, I would love to see LSU play the Dallas Cowboys!  I just feel like the Cowboys could screw it up somehow.  And my dream, as a card-carrying Cowboy hater, would be to see them lose to my favorite college football team.

    I can just picture it.

    The Cowboys and the Fightin' Tigers line up for the opening kick-off.  Les Miles converts an onside kick and Cowboy fans' hearts drop.  LSU throws a deep pass down the sideline.  Mo Claiborne alligator arms a possible interception and the Tigers take the lead on a long touchdown.  We suddenly realize that Mo's heart is still with the Tigers.  Jerry Jones pulls him from the game.  LSU leads the entire game until Tony Romo engineers a magnificent, awe-inspiring comeback. Dallas gets down to the goal line.  Romo looks for Dez Bryant in the flat but throws an interception and the Tigers take it 99 yards to the house!  Everyone assumes the game is over, but Romo somehow gets Dallas into a position to kick a game winning field goal only to have some nameless kicker go wide left!  Tigers win!

    Oh we can dream can't we?!

    Fact:  LSU has never lost at AT&T Field.

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    Alabama... again and again!

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    I know we get to see the Tigers and Tide rip it up at least once every season.  But if LSU and Alabama could play every week, twelve times a year... I'd buy season tickets!  The two schools have the most future NFL talent year in, year out.  The 2011 National Championship game between LSU and Alabama featured more than 42 soon to be NFL players.  That means, guys on the bench during that game were good enough for the NFL!

    I'm sure no one in Birmingham would say that the LSU/Bama rivalry is better than the Bama/Auburn rivalry.  But you might get some to agree that it's the better match-up!  LSU versus Alabama has become the premier college football contest, annually.

    I'll sum it up by channeling Ernie Banks and just say, "let's play two!"