It's funny how the senses work. How a sound can take you back and suddenly your brain is flooded with memories of various heartaches and hangovers from times gone by. There are tons of theses nostalgic triggers all around us, but the following list focuses specifically on our favorite season. These sounds are the audio back track to sunshine. The noises that remind us that the time is right to cut up and cut loose. Our 5 Favorites Sounds of Summer. 

Warning: Reading this will make you want to be outside immediately. 

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    You know what's coming next. The pitter-patter of bare feet followed by the unmistakable sound of a body breaking water in the cannon ball position.



    Regardless of what your age may be; everyone is immediately transported to 10 years old when jumping into the deep end. It is one of the first adrenaline rushes we experience and the sound is never forgotten. Whether a man-made pool or land-locked lake, the classic cannonball never gets old, and never fails to make our number five favorite summer noise, the splash.


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    When school lets out the boys of summer take over our fields and parks to play America's past time. And you don't have to be anywhere near the game to know when you've heard the sound of a baseball being hit on a line to center field.


    The crack of a bat is unmistakable. It's classic and pure. Though the old timers may argue that the modern aluminum bats don't sound half as sweet as wooden ones –and they have a point– the outcome is still the same. A sound that takes us back and makes us want to step into the batters box and lace one to the right field wall. The number four sound of summer, the crack of a bat.

    Design Pics
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    Sure, you can grill anytime of year, and here in South Louisiana we certainly do, but when the sun is out and the weather is right, you can't deny that the food just tastes a little bit better.


    Whether it's pork, chicken, $20 steaks, or $2 burgers, everything tastes better grilled. Just dip it in some sweet and tangy bbq sauce and serve it with rice dressing on the side. Oh yeah!


    Coming in at number three is the sizzle of hot meat on the grill on a warm summer day.



    Great, now I'm hungry.

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    Or something like that…

    Okay, it's kinda hard to replicate this sound in words. Unfortunately English falls short on onomatopoeias in this particular instance. What we're going for here is that unmistakable noise that can only be made when the metal tab is popped puncturing a hole in the top and carbonation is released from an aluminum can.


    Once again, the summer doesn't exactly have a monopoly on cold beverage consumption, but everything tastes better in the sunshine. Whether it's your favorite soda pop, or an ice cold adult beverage, the sound is a rocket ship that transports you if only for an instant to a better place and time.


    Number two on our list of favorite summer sounds is the aluminum can TSSST!

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    We often hear talk of the taste of salt water, or the smell of sunscreen, but what sums up the sound of a day at the beach more than the visceral experience of walking barefoot in sand. The subtle “crunch crunch” you hear as your feet are submerged and your toes disappear. It is sensory overload.


    Coming in at number one on our list of our favorite sounds of summer is the crunch of sand under bare feet.

    Steve Mason