Robert Lusetich, of, says Tiger Woods' recent announcement that he will miss this year's US Open is just another setback, in a very difficult year, for the former top-ranked golfer.

Tiger Woods

Tiger is four majors behind Nicklaus, for the most all-time. So the question is; "Will he get to 18?"

If I had to pick, I'd say "no".

I don't think Tiger is done, but he is 35 now. He body is starting to fail him. And there are so many outstanding young golfers on the scene.

Luke Donald and Lee Westwood, the two top-ranked golfers in the world, haven't even won a major yet. Neither has Rory McIlroy.

Ernie Els, a great golfer for many years, has only won three major in his entire career.

He may do it, but expecting Tiger to win four more is expecting too much, I think.